Each Trek carries a simple promise: They will take care of you and do what’s right. They build their bikes to last, subjecting them to brutal punishment in the world’s toughest test lab. And they back every bike with the best lifetime warranty in the business, all the way back to their very first frames built in 1976. Read More

We believe that nothing looks, rides or lasts like a Van Nicholas. Our knowledge and experience of working with Titanium are second to none, and our passion is unrivalled. Nobody does Titanium like us. That’s why we are The Titanium Bike Experts. Read More

Genesis are not the biggest out there but their size does allow them to take a few risks; namely to push through bikes that bigger companies might deem too fringe or oddball to ever grace their range. If they enjoy riding it and think there’ll be enough folks out there that will too, then its fair game in their eyes! Read More

Since 1983 Ridgeback has been building bikes for UK riders and has an unmatched reputation for innovation and quality.

From high performance flat bar and touring bikes to comfortable commuters and children’s bikes. Read More

All Frog bikes are designed with the child in mind. They continually modify their frames and components in collaboration with sports scientists at the Brunel University.

Frog bikes take away the stress of teaching children to ride. Their littlest bikes have been designed to make learning as quick and easy as possible… Read More